Oxfam @ Summer Festivals 2014

Custom seed packets
Have your photo printed on a sticker and customize your own seed packet…

  • Photographer
  • Eee-Top-Desk
  • Stickers printer
  • Seed packets

KBC @ Summer Festivals 2014

Tricycle race experience
Will you be fast and accurate enough to win this race? Be the best and try to win a GoPro camera. But be careful not to trespass the sensor along the racetrack or you'll lower your score !

  • TheModularBooth (Recto/Verso Screen)
  • Racetrack + 2 x tricycles
  • Sensors along the border of the racetrack
  • Start & Finish Sensor
  • Race software

Flair Magazine - Summer Tour 2013

TheIncredibleVespa on tour… 
Come close TheIncredibleVespa to take an hilarious picture with some funny accesories and find back your picure on the Flair Facebook page.

Bru - Cooking events 2013

Bru donne vie au repas … chaque jour / Bru laat het smaken … elke dag weer
Get your picture printed on a magnet !

  • Professional photographer
  • Photo printed on a magnet badge
  • 2 x printers
  • 2 x badges makers


Carrefour - "Hip Hip Hip Hyper" 2013

Multimedia arches
Pass through the arch with your shopping cart.  If the arch lights up and makes music : you’ve won a voucher !

  • Multimedia arch
  • Animator + hostesses
  • Winners' pictures on the Facebook page of Carrefour