ING Private Banking’s Golf Tournaments

We analysed ING’s Private Bankers with our App!

ING organised several Golf Tournaments for its private bankers. We installed a Flightscope at one of the holes to detect and film people’s golf swing. The next day we sent the results to the private bankers by email. What a nice to have for every golf enthusiast!

  • Client: ING

  • Date: 2017

  • Place: 5 Golf Clubs

  • Type: Client events

Veuve Clicquot Mail Activations

Your picture as a post card!

Veuve Clicquot launched their new concept "Clicquot Mail" and wanted to spread the word. The participants simply had to strike a pose in the studio, then they were invited to find their picture on TheModularBooth and could could personalize their picture with some crazy objects. When they were satisfied, their picture was printed and placed into a 'postcard' so that they were able to send it to one of their friends!

  • 1 x TheModularBooth
  • 1 x Hi-lite + lighting kit
  • 1 x Custom software
  • Data collect
  • Live e-mail share

RTL - Screening Day 2014

One event & four experiences !
For the annual RTL Screening Day we created custom experiences : the HappyBirthday photobooth, the Goggle Box, the green-key video studio and the Selfie photobooth. 

  • Client : RTL
  • Agency : /
  • Date : Aug 2014
  • Event : Screening Day
  • Type : Client events

HappyBirthday photobooth
To activate the birthday cake, guests have to launch a jackpot with the TV programs celebrating their birthday. After that they will have to blow the candles to launch the countdown for the picture to be taken.

  • TheModularBooth with breath sensor
  • Printer module
  • Jackpot and candles software

Goggle Box
Lay down comfortably and channel-hop. Just show your biggest smile and wait for your photo to be printed. 

  • Lounge studio
  • Big TV with camera and printer integrated
  • Remove control as trigger
  • Custom software

PopSelfie booth
Take a selfie with your own smartphone and then have it directly printed... Isn't it nice ?

In a TV presenter's shoes
The guests can discover the job of a newscaster by presenting the news in real condition...

  • 2 x video studio with green-key
  • Professional video camera
  • Touch-Desk
  • 'Tilting-head'
  • Software & laptop to run the background

Worldline - New Year Event 2014

Let’s be classy…
Inspired by the well-known Studio Harcourt Paris, our photographer immortalized every staff member. Their portraits were displayed on an original multi iPads display…

  • Photo studio
  • 'Touch-Desk'
  • Photo exhibition wall
  • 15 x iPads as frame

RTL Screening Day 2013

Weather Forecast…
Be a tv weather forecaster thanks to the magic of a green-key video experience !

  • Video studio with green-key
  • Professional video camera
  • Touch-Desk
  • 'Tilting-head'
  • Software & laptop to run the background