Veuve Clicquot Mail Activations

Your picture as a post card!

Veuve Clicquot launched their new concept "Clicquot Mail" and wanted to spread the word. The participants simply had to strike a pose in the studio, then they were invited to find their picture on TheModularBooth and could could personalize their picture with some crazy objects. When they were satisfied, their picture was printed and placed into a 'postcard' so that they were able to send it to one of their friends!

  • 1 x TheModularBooth
  • 1 x Hi-lite + lighting kit
  • 1 x Custom software
  • Data collect
  • Live e-mail share

Belvedere Meets Music

Turn the music up! 

A tailor-made music experience. The rules of the game were simple : put the headphones on your ears and listen carefully to the music : the pitch (speed) has been modified! Try to find the right speed as fast as you can with the cursor on the desk.
When the pitch is restored to his original, a bottle of Belvedere lights up in the showcase in front of the participant. The winner is the first one to illuminate the five bottles in front of him!

  • Tailor-made software with pitch game
  • 2 x Touch-Desks + audio headset
  • 2 x Tailor-made windows with ligth-up Belvedere bottles
  • 2 x 46”screen

Belvedere Vodka - Energy Challenge 2013

Interactive floor
The more you dance, the more chance you have to win a Belvedere bottle !

  • TheInteractiveFloor
  • Custom 'VideoWall'
  • Automatic camera
  • Software development
  • Picture on the Facebook page of Belvedere Vodka

Veuve Clicquot - Dandy Tour 2012

Yellow touch !
Enter in TheUnexpectedBox with some goodies (mustaches, hats, Veuve Clicquot bottle...) and make the funniest picture ever !

  • TheUnexpectedBox with extra screen outside the box 
  • Photostrips
  • Validation & printing from the terminal
  • Data collect + live Facebook & e-mail share

Veuve Clicquot - Snow souvenir on a ski-lift

A picture on a ski-lift, even if it’s 25°C outside !
Sit down on the ski-lift and smile to the camera ! Your perfect snow souvenir is directly printed. All the taken pictures are also projected in live.

  • 1 x custom Ski-Lift + Truss structure
  • 1 x 'Eee-Top-Desk'
  • 1 x printer module
  • 2 x 'TV-ball' to project the pictures