Canon @ Imaging Days 2015

A stunning Green-key experience!

With this amazing green-key studio, you get the feeling to be on the top of a skyscraper. You can then share this picture with your friends on Facebook!

  • 1 x Studio from the Sky
  • Tailor-made Green-key studio
  • 1 x Computer for data collect

Mercedes-Benz Vans@ Brussels Motor Show 2015

Yes, we van !

During the Brussels Motor Show, Mercedes-Benz gave the opportunity to the visitors to get immortalized in front of one of their Vans. A mobile-photographer was in charge to do so. Directly after, the participants validated their pictures and gave their consents to be projected on the big screen of the Mercedes-Benz stand. The participants received a webcard which invited them to find their pictures on the Mercedes-Benz Vans Belgium Facebook account. 

  • Mobile-Photographer
  • Samsung NX Smart Camera
  • Embedded application (opt-in)
  • Computer (projection monitoring) 


RTL @ Brussels Motor Show 2015

During the Brussels Motor Show, RTL gave the opportunity to the visitors to perform as television news readers in front of a Green-Key video screen.
At the end of the experience, they received an email, which allows them to see their performance and share it with their friends on Facebook and Twitter. 

  • Video studio with green-key
  • Professional video camera
  • Touch-Desk
  • Tilting-head
  • Software & laptop to run the background
  • Client : RTL 
  • Agency : /
  • Date : January 2015
  • Event : Brussels Motor Show
  • Type : B-to-C fairs

Job On Wheels @ Brussels Motor Show 2015

Step into your Future by striking a pose near the McLaren MP4-12C GT3!

The replica of the DeLorean from the famous movie 'Back to the future' was the conversation starter between FEBIAC and the visitors ! Thanks to the magic of the Green-key, visitors were integrated in a poster which directly refer to the movie one !
3 booth allow the visitors to have their photo printed in return of their data, they could also share it directly on Facebook.

  • 2 x TheModularBooth with barcode reader
  • 1 x Touch-Desk
  • 1 x Lighting kit
  • 2 x Sony screens

VW (CVI) @ Brussels Motor Show 2015

The perfect combination of fun and visibility!

We created a foreground with the replica of a Volkswagen T1! The photobooth was well situated and the Volkswagen T1 had a lot of success ! Visitors could get their photo printed and receive it directly by e-mail to share it on Facebook or Twitter!

  • 1 x TheModularBooth R/V
  • 1 x Combi T1 panel + steps
  • Data collect
  • Live e-mailing