Job On Wheels @ Brussels Motor Show 2015

Step into your Future by striking a pose near the McLaren MP4-12C GT3!

The replica of the DeLorean from the famous movie 'Back to the future' was the conversation starter between FEBIAC and the visitors ! Thanks to the magic of the Green-key, visitors were integrated in a poster which directly refer to the movie one !
3 booth allow the visitors to have their photo printed in return of their data, they could also share it directly on Facebook.

  • 2 x TheModularBooth with barcode reader
  • 1 x Touch-Desk
  • 1 x Lighting kit
  • 2 x Sony screens

Start2Ride @ Brussels Motor Show 2014

Your picture on the cover !
Climb on the motorcycle, have your picture taken and be on the cover of the Start2Ride magazine...

  • Automated photo studio with motorbike
  • Data collect + live Facebook share
  • A4 printing

Job On Wheels @ Brussels Motor Show 2014

Take the pose next to the McLaren MP4-12C GT3...

Do the contest and go visit the McLaren Technology Center !

  • Custom studio for McLaren MP4-12C GT3
  • Barcode tracking
  • Contest
  • 3 x TheModularBooth with printer modules
  • Data collect + live Facebook share
  • A6 printing
  • E-mailing with link to webpage with share/download functionalities

The Social Office @ Brussels Motor Show 2014

An initiative to expand social media content posted around the Brussels Motor Show.
A big challenge to deliver video clips and photo reports on-demand to the exhibitors…

  • Tool at disposal of the exhibitors
  • Office located at the heart of the motor show
  • Professional photo & video teams
  • On-site studio for photo processing and video editing
  • Team of multilingual project managers

Educational Zone for Job On Wheels @ Autoworld Museum

Test your knowledge...
A permanent installation in the Autoworld Museum for the students to test their knowledge about the automotive world by playing and answering the quiz... All these are connected through barcode cards system that will allow the students to find back their answers (and more) on a web platform. 

  • 6 x Multimedia modules
  • Game software : various quiz games
  • Barcode tracking system
  • A web platform : to e-mail the results to the participants
  • Facebook sharing possibilities
  • Data collect and Online statistic platform access for FEBIAC