VW (CVI) @ Brussels Motor Show 2015

The perfect combination of fun and visibility!

We created a foreground with the replica of a Volkswagen T1! The photobooth was well situated and the Volkswagen T1 had a lot of success ! Visitors could get their photo printed and receive it directly by e-mail to share it on Facebook or Twitter!

  • 1 x TheModularBooth R/V
  • 1 x Combi T1 panel + steps
  • Data collect
  • Live e-mailing

New VW Beetle Fender @ Brussels Motor Show 2012

VW Beetle Fender Music experience
Pimp your VW Beetle with stickering and accessories…  For every of your choice, a guitar melody is composed…  Find it back on a video clip with both your very own Beetle and your guitar song !  Share it on FB and try to win a limited edition Fender guitar…

  • Presence of a guitarist
  • 3 x iPads to customized the Beetle
  • 3 x 'ShowerMusic' playing back live music 
  • Music & Drawing Software
  • Video clip : including the customize Beetle & the personal guitar song played in live act

Launch new VW Beetle

The new VW Beetle
Enter in The UnexpectedBox and shout as loud as possible to active the trigger. Then use the ipad to pimp your own Beetle.
You can then admire your picture and your creativity on a display that recreate an exhibition wall with all the pictures and the customized Beetles…

  • 1 x TheUnexpectedBox with sound sensor
  • Validation, printing & share from the terminal
  • Data collect + live Facebook share
  • 3 x iPad with drawing software 
  • 1 x display to recreate an exhibition wall
  • Software to display pictures and creations as an exhibition on a display

Launch New VW Passat

VW Atmosphere

Blast your own bubble then write inside your message and send it on the wall

  • Projection on the building
  • Touchscreen terminal 'Bubble Message' with breath sensor
  • Software for bubbles animation
  • Data collect
  • This module can be customized : according to the time of day, some bubbles illuminate and allow the candidate to win prizes...

VW Eos @ Summer Festivals 2007

VW Eos on tour
A green-key & karaoke video experience…
The participant choose his song and background, climb in the VW Eos and begin his video clip !

  • VW Eos
  • Green-key video studio
  • 5 x registration desks
  • Background integration software
  • Data collect