Popselfie @ Stima Student Marketing Congress 2015

Our PopSelfie experience has been adopted by the next generation of marketeers!

Eventattitude is the proud sponsor of the STIMA Student Marketing Congress. Thanks to the Popselfie webapp, the next generation of marketeers can take a selfie in front of the personalized ‘marketing background’, receive a code, that they can enter in TheModularBooth and receive their picture directly printed on location. They will also receive an e-mail with their photo that they can share on Facebook.

  • 1 x TheModularBooth + printers
  • 1 x Personalized background 
  • 1 x Tailor made set up
  • 1 x PopSelfie web app

Belfius Music - Disc-cover yourself student tour

Disc-cover yourself !
A fully automatized green-key photo experience to get your very personal CD sleeve.

  • 2 x 'Monolith Duo-Flash'
  • 4 x 'Eee-Top-Desk'
  • 4 x LCD screens
  • Self-adhesive labels printers
  • Live Facebook and e-mail share

Dexia - Starters activations 2011-2012

Pictionnary game : draw your future !
A big “Pictionary” game on student festivals… Build a team, draw as fast as you can and maybe your team will win a prize !

  • 'Touch-Desk' (PC + Printer) for drawing
  • 'Eee-Top-Desk' for animator
  • iPads desk
  • Drawing & game software

KBC - Campus Tour 2011

Your future in your hand...
A hand-scanning experience on student festivals…

  • 2 x 'Hand Scanners'
  • 2 x 'Eee-Top-Desk'
  • Scanning software
  • Live Facebook and e-mail share

KBC - Campus Tour 2010

A big students house…
Take place behind the open window and have your picture taken !

  • Professional photographer
  • Laptop + printer
  • Window frame foreground
  • Web platform to download pictures
  • Live Facebook and e-mail share