Permanent photobooth @ Coca-Cola VIP Lounge Stade de France (PopKiosk)

Coca-Cola VIP Lounge
For every big occasion at Stade de France, the guests of Coca-Cola can have their photo souvenir !

  • Integrated hardware
  • Custom software with Facebook or e-mail share
  • Fully operated by the client itself

Belgacom @ Film Festivals 2010

A videogrid experience to interact and be seen...

The challenge was to highlight the presence of Belgacom as major sponsor in the VIP areas of 3 film festivals in Belgium (Mons, Liège and Gent).  With this videogrid experience, people were invited to interact through small video clips that were integrated in a looped mosaïc.

  • 1 x 'VideoWall'
  • 'Tilting-head' with video camera & screen
  • Touchscreen terminal
  • Videogrid software