RTL - Screening Day 2014

One event & four experiences !
For the annual RTL Screening Day we created custom experiences : the HappyBirthday photobooth, the Goggle Box, the green-key video studio and the Selfie photobooth. 

  • Client : RTL
  • Agency : /
  • Date : Aug 2014
  • Event : Screening Day
  • Type : Client events

HappyBirthday photobooth
To activate the birthday cake, guests have to launch a jackpot with the TV programs celebrating their birthday. After that they will have to blow the candles to launch the countdown for the picture to be taken.

  • TheModularBooth with breath sensor
  • Printer module
  • Jackpot and candles software

Goggle Box
Lay down comfortably and channel-hop. Just show your biggest smile and wait for your photo to be printed. 

  • Lounge studio
  • Big TV with camera and printer integrated
  • Remove control as trigger
  • Custom software

PopSelfie booth
Take a selfie with your own smartphone and then have it directly printed... Isn't it nice ?

In a TV presenter's shoes
The guests can discover the job of a newscaster by presenting the news in real condition...

  • 2 x video studio with green-key
  • Professional video camera
  • Touch-Desk
  • 'Tilting-head'
  • Software & laptop to run the background