Carrefour's jubilee 2014

A giant mosaic picture in live!

4 photo studio where installed to immortalized each participant to the Carrefour's jubilee. 
2 graphic designers were in charge to crop and adjust the pictures taken in order  to create a mosaic which was projected on a wall during the night but also printed and given as a souvenir to every participant of the jubilee. 

  • 4 x Photo studio simultaneous
  • 4 x Background
  • 2 x Graphic designer
  • 1 x Videographer
  • 13*18 print with cover

Carrefour - "Hip Hip Hip Hyper" 2013

Multimedia arches
Pass through the arch with your shopping cart.  If the arch lights up and makes music : you’ve won a voucher !

  • Multimedia arch
  • Animator + hostesses
  • Winners' pictures on the Facebook page of Carrefour