Flair Magazine - Summer Tour 2013

TheIncredibleVespa on tour… 
Come close TheIncredibleVespa to take an hilarious picture with some funny accesories and find back your picure on the Flair Facebook page.

Flair Shooping Day 2010 - Catwalk video experience

Catwalk video experience
Through a green-key experience, get the opportunity to become a catwalk model in a real fashion show. After the show, find back your video clip on a web platform.

Flair Shopping Day 2009 - The 'Borstenflash' Cabine-Booth

The 'Borstenflash' photobooth
A photobooth to rise awareness around the breast cancer… Uncloak your femininity and contribute to the creation of the next Flair cover magazine...

  • 1 x 'Cabine-Booth'
  • Creation with the pictures of a magazine cover

Flair Shooping Day 2009 - The Vespa trip

Vespa trip : A green-key video experience
Climb on the Vespas, choose a background and your favorite song and hit the road ! You can find back your video clip on the flair website.

  • A green-key video studio
  • 2 x Vespas