Firestone Spin The Tires

Spin the Firestone Tires and take your chance at winning awesome prizes!

For the Firestone Music Tour, we were present with a Jackpot animation at several festivals all over Europe. People could spin Firestone Tires which made the jackpot rotate. If the player had all the same pictograms, he or she won a prize!

  • Client: Firestone

  • Agency: Wave Agency

  • Date: Summer 2017-2018

  • Place: Festivals all over Europe

  • Type: Festivals

Lipton’s Escape Room

Can you escape the room?

Lipton set up an Escape Room on their festival stand. We recorded the festival-goers during this experience and sent the result in fast forward by email. Everyone got the opportunity to share this experience on social media.

  • Client: Lipton

  • Agency: Butik Agency

  • Date: 06-2017

  • Place: Rock Werchter

  • Type: Festivals

ING Tiny Planet Photo Experience

Your picture on a tiny planet!

People had their picture taken on the festival site and could pick up the printed version on the ING stand. The result? The participant on a tiny festival planet.

  • Client: ING

  • Agency: Demonstr8

  • Date: Summer 2017

  • Place: Festivals all over Belgium

  • Type: Festivals

Firestone Music Tour

The Car-aoke experience

We sent the Car-aoke Van at many festivals in several countries. What’s a Car-aoke Van you ask? Well it’s an old VW Van transformed into a place to come and sing along to your favourite songs. The result of the singing was filmed and then sent to the participant by email as a souvenir of the experience.

  • Client: Firestone

  • Agency: Wave Agency

  • Date: Summer 2016-2017

  • Place: Festivals all over Europe

  • Type: Festivals

Lotto Selfie Wall @ Palais/Paleis 12 concert & event hall (PopSelfie)

A permanent Selfie Wall!

This selfie wall is personalized prior to every show. Thanks to the PopSelfie webapp, visitors can take a selfie with their smartphone, in front of the wall.  By this, they will receive a code to print their picture for free, on one of the two kiosks.  They will also receive an e-mail with their photo in order to share it on Facebook and Twitter.

  • 2 x TheModularBooth + printers
  • 1 x Tailor made set up
  • 1 x PopSelfie web-app