Winter in Antwerpen

Antwerp’s digital Wish Wall during ‘Winter in Antwerpen’

The City of Antwerp offered the visitors of their Winterfair the opportunity to send their virtual christmas wishes to their beloved ones. Each wish was symbolised by a shooting star that crossed the digital skyline of this beautiful city. This digital Wish Wall was installed two years in a row thanks to its great success.

  • Client : Stad Antwerpen

  • Agency : in collaboration with Tailormate and BrightBoard

  • Date : Winter 2017 - 2018 - 2019

  • Event : Winter in Antwerpen

  • Type : Public Events

ING @ Local Events

The personalised totebags for ING

ING is present every year at lots of local events. The last 2 years we personalised totebags for everyone who came by the ING stand and they where very popular: we distributed more than 34.000 bags throughout the country, which means 65 bags/hour on average.

  • Client: ING 

  • Date: 2017-2018

  • Place: Local Events all over Belgium

  • Type: Public Events

10 Ans d'O2 au Mans

Light up the city with your smile!

O2 celebrated is 10th anniversary of its establishment in Le Mans. For this purpose, O2 wished to thank the Manceaux for their warm-hearted welcome!
They have decided to organize a 'smile harvest' everywhere in the city. Manceaux could make a photo and receive their photo printed.
A 'Smile detector' was installed in several photobooths and photocabins. The 'smile detector' is a software capable of objectively measuring smiles and giving them a percentage rating. 
All these pictures were then collected and – after the photo editing – were printed on a large poster exhibited at the 'Le Mans' train station. A video team made a video clip for the inauguration day in order to socialize this content as quickly as possible.

  • 3 x TheUnexpectedBox with direct print
  • 1 x TheModularBooth with direct print
  • Smile detection software 
  • Print & place a tarpaulin  on building
  • Video clip for social media

Bru - Cooking events 2014

A photo magnet at BruBistro…
Have your picture taken by a photographer and have it printed on a magnet !

  • Professional photographer
  • 8x8 photo printed on a magnet
  • Printer
  • Picture-Hanger
  • Web platform to download photo

Electrabel - End Of Year Activation 2013-2014

Two slightly different experiences
The only way to activate the photobooth is to share your energy !

Share Your Energy ! : set-up “from above”

  • 4 x TheModularBooth
  • Studio from the sky  
  • Validation, printing from a touchscreen terminal 'Touch-Desk'
  • Pictures on the Facebook page of Electrabel

Share Your Energy ! : set-up “from below”

  • 4 x TheModularBooth
  • Studio from the floor
  • Validation, printing from a touchscreen terminal 'Touch-Desk'
  • Pictures on the Facebook page of Electrabel