The XXXtra Strong Xperience Tour 2015

The breathtaking experience is back!

Thanks to the magic of the green-key studio and the free fall simulator software, people could skydive without even getting into a plane! This year, the experience took place in a full furnished branded Airstream! An amazing experience worth to be share on social networks !

  • 1 x Green-key video studio
  • 1 x Tailor-made equipment of the Airstream
  • 1 x Skydive equipment
  • 1 x Video camera
  • Live e-mail or Facebook share

DVV/Les AP Running Tour 2014 & Beau Vélo de RAVEL 2014

3 experiences for 2 sporting events !

1) The photo studio : the background of the studio changed depending the day and the place of the event, the participants gave their e-mail address in order to receive their picture by email.
2) The mobile-team : Hostesses were taking and printing pictures of the visitors everywhere on site. The cover of the printed picture presented a QR code. The participant were invited to scan the QR code on the Ipads placed on the stand and take their chance to win a price.
3) The contest « Run for Think Pink/Cap 48 » : an interactive game where the participant needed to collect a maximum of gold coins along a path (on foot or by bike. Its was depending of the event context). The score evaluated  an amount according to the number of coins collected. DVV/Les Ap was giving the earned amount to charities.

  • 4 x Ipads
  • 3 x TheModularBooth
  • 1 x Game software
  • Stickers for the photo + QR code
  • Data collect  & live e-mail

XXXtra Strong Experience Tour 2014

Take the plunge : the breathtaking experience !
Forget the plane and the sky... The only thing you need to skydive is to enter into the XXXtra Strong Xperience bus! Enjoy your free fall, and share your video clip live on Facebook. Souvenirs that will take your breath away.  

  • 1 x Green key video studio
  • 1 x skydive equipment
  • 1 x video camera
  • 2 x screens & computers
  • Live e-mail or Facebook share

Samsung Galaxy S4 - Summer Tour 2013

The “wheel of fortune” !
A revisited classic for the Samsung Galaxy S4 roadshow…

  • Custom Galaxy S4 display linked to a Galaxy S4 smartphone
  • 'Wheel of fortune' software


UV awareness campaign - 'Slimmer in de zon/Futé au soleil'

What’s your UV score ?
For its campaign 'Slimmer in de zon/Futé au Soleil', the Foundation against Cancer travels in Belgium with a UV camera that allows everyone to freely assess the damage to the skin causes by UV.  A photo experience to start a conversation around this difficult subject…

  • 1 x photographer with wi-fi camera
  • 1 x UV photo studio
  • 1 x printer
  • 2 x touchscreen for data collect + live Facebook share