Maes @ Summer Festivals 2014

Music sounds better with Maes
Strike a pose on the top of the Maes stand and share your photo with your friends !

  • Photographer
  • 2 x Eee-Top computers
  • Live Facebook, Twitter or e-mail share

Electrolux - Ergorapido Summer Tour

Ergorapido Tour with TheIncredibleVespa
Let's take a crazy picture with the Ergorapido, have it printed and share it on Facebook... If you collect 25 likes you win a nice price !

Ray-Ban @ Rock Werchter 2014

Never Hide
Need a new haircut ? Let our professionals take care of you at the Ray-Ban barbershop and get a nice 'before/after' picture !

  • Photographer
  • Photo montage : before-after picture
  • 2 x Eee-Top computers
  • Data collect
  • Live Facebook, Twitter or e-mail share

Samsung Galaxy S4 - Summer Tour 2013

The “wheel of fortune” !
A revisited classic for the Samsung Galaxy S4 roadshow…

  • Custom Galaxy S4 display linked to a Galaxy S4 smartphone
  • 'Wheel of fortune' software


UV awareness campaign - 'Slimmer in de zon/Futé au soleil'

What’s your UV score ?
For its campaign 'Slimmer in de zon/Futé au Soleil', the Foundation against Cancer travels in Belgium with a UV camera that allows everyone to freely assess the damage to the skin causes by UV.  A photo experience to start a conversation around this difficult subject…

  • 1 x photographer with wi-fi camera
  • 1 x UV photo studio
  • 1 x printer
  • 2 x touchscreen for data collect + live Facebook share