DVV/Les AP Running Tour 2014 & Beau Vélo de RAVEL 2014

3 experiences for 2 sporting events !

1) The photo studio : the background of the studio changed depending the day and the place of the event, the participants gave their e-mail address in order to receive their picture by email.
2) The mobile-team : Hostesses were taking and printing pictures of the visitors everywhere on site. The cover of the printed picture presented a QR code. The participant were invited to scan the QR code on the Ipads placed on the stand and take their chance to win a price.
3) The contest « Run for Think Pink/Cap 48 » : an interactive game where the participant needed to collect a maximum of gold coins along a path (on foot or by bike. Its was depending of the event context). The score evaluated  an amount according to the number of coins collected. DVV/Les Ap was giving the earned amount to charities.

  • 4 x Ipads
  • 3 x TheModularBooth
  • 1 x Game software
  • Stickers for the photo + QR code
  • Data collect  & live e-mail