Moniteur Automobile / AutoGids @ Brussels Motor Show 2015

To make the show more attractive to young people, FEBIAC and Eventattitude set up a PopSelfie Zone at the Dream Cars exhibition! 

During the Brussels Motor Show, Thanks to the Popselfie webapp, the visitors can take a selfie in front of their dream car. Then they receive a code, that they can enter in TheModularBooth in order to receive their picture directly printed on location.
Each participant who has entered his email address during the experience receives an email. 
The email presents a link to a specific and personal webpage where the participant finds his photo. From the webpage, he can share his photo on Facebook and download it.
The email also directly links to the contest which allows the participant to try to win a GT- Experience! 

  • 2 x TheModularBooth
  • 4 x Printers
  • 1 x  Video tutorial
  • 1 x PopSelfie web app


RTL @ Brussels Motor Show 2015

During the Brussels Motor Show, RTL gave the opportunity to the visitors to perform as television news readers in front of a Green-Key video screen.
At the end of the experience, they received an email, which allows them to see their performance and share it with their friends on Facebook and Twitter. 

  • Video studio with green-key
  • Professional video camera
  • Touch-Desk
  • Tilting-head
  • Software & laptop to run the background
  • Client : RTL 
  • Agency : /
  • Date : January 2015
  • Event : Brussels Motor Show
  • Type : B-to-C fairs

Job On Wheels @ Brussels Motor Show 2015

Step into your Future by striking a pose near the McLaren MP4-12C GT3!

The replica of the DeLorean from the famous movie 'Back to the future' was the conversation starter between FEBIAC and the visitors ! Thanks to the magic of the Green-key, visitors were integrated in a poster which directly refer to the movie one !
3 booth allow the visitors to have their photo printed in return of their data, they could also share it directly on Facebook.

  • 2 x TheModularBooth with barcode reader
  • 1 x Touch-Desk
  • 1 x Lighting kit
  • 2 x Sony screens

VW (CVI) @ Brussels Motor Show 2015

The perfect combination of fun and visibility!

We created a foreground with the replica of a Volkswagen T1! The photobooth was well situated and the Volkswagen T1 had a lot of success ! Visitors could get their photo printed and receive it directly by e-mail to share it on Facebook or Twitter!

  • 1 x TheModularBooth R/V
  • 1 x Combi T1 panel + steps
  • Data collect
  • Live e-mailing

Allianz @ Salon des Vacances/Vakantiesalon 2014

A picture on a ski-lift inside ? Easy !
Let's smile and have your photo directly printed !

  • Client : Allianz
  • Agency : /
  • Date : Feb 2014
  • Event : Vakantiesalon/ Salon des Vacances
  • Type : B-to-C fairs
  • 1 x custom Ski-Lift + Truss structure
  • Mountain background
  • Eee-Top-Desk + printer