Maes @ Summer Festivals 2014

Music sounds better with Maes
Strike a pose on the top of the Maes stand and share your photo with your friends !

  • Photographer
  • 2 x Eee-Top computers
  • Live Facebook, Twitter or e-mail share

Mini @ Summer Festivals 2014

Get shot in Buckingham Palace !
Lay back comfortably in the sofa of Buckingham Palace and strike your best pose. Enter your e-mail address and…[sound] : you just received a notification. Your picture is already waiting for you in your mailbox, ready to be shared.  PS: Suit up ! You might bump into the Queen...

  • TheModularBooth (Recto/Verso)
  • Photographer
  • Data collect
  • E-mail share
  • Pictures on the Facebook page of Mini

Ice Watch @ Francofolies de Spa 2014

One TheModularBooth with two experiences !
Put the stage on fire ! Shout "Ice Watch" loud enough to take the picture. Then, go to the other side of TheModularBooth and try your luck with the 'watch' of fortune...

  • TheModularBooth (Recto/Verso Screen)
  • Sound trigger software
  • 'Watch of fortune' game software
  • 10x15 printing
  • Data collect + Facebook & e-mail share

Win for Life @ Summer Festivals 2014

The Trampo-Win Action
You have to scratch a giant Win for life ticket by jumping on a trampoline ! Accuracy and energy are the key to do it right...

  • 'Main Unit' (Recto/Verso Screen) with e-ID card reader
  • 'Trampo-studio' with directional sensor, inflatable protective system, 46'' screen
  • Game software
  • Printer module + 10x15 printing
  • Data collect
  • Web platform to download pictures

ING @ Summer Festivals 2014

Slow-motion & photoball experiences
To increase the fun we created two custom experiences : the Slow-motion and Photoball.

Crank up your best festival moments thanks to the slow-motion video experience.
Express your happiness, enthusiasm and motivation in front of our camera and share it live with your friends on Facebook !

  • 1 x video camera
  • 1 x Touch-Screen display integrated into the stand
  • 2 x Eee-Top-Desk
  • Live Facebook & e-mail share

The photoball shoots from a unique point of view that no other camera can take pictures from ! Have fun pushing the ball and find your picture back on the web platform of ING. 

  • Custom Photoball
  • 2 x GoPro cameras
  • Web platform to download photo