ING - Going for 2015

Running & Biking Experiences…
Two sporty challenges for ING's staff during their Kick-Off event “Going for 2015” !

Bicycle photo experience : I'm on your wheel !
Pedal as fast as you can to beat your rival and win.

  • 6 x recumbent cycles + individual screens
  • 4 x Eee-Top-Desk + printers
  • 6 x cameras
  • 10x15 printing

Steps experience : Put  your sneakers on !
Run faster than your rivals to win the race. Cross the finish line and have this moment immortalized with a picture. 

  • 1 x 'VideoWall'
  • 4 x stepper
  • Game software

Delta Lloyd - Flipbook video experience

Flipbook video experience : 'A table / Aan tafel !'
Record a short video sequence that will be printed out in the form of a flipbook within 1 minute !

  • Flipbook video experience 
  • 1 x 'Tilting-head' with video camera & screen
  • 1 x flipbook software
  • 1 x flipbook stapler & paper punch
  • 1 x printer

Belgacom Strategic Meeting 2013

The Belgacom photobooth
Write your message or slogan on a cardboard begining with 'WE …' and enter the photobooth.
Let's express yourself and be part of the internal Belgacom campaign of 2013 !

PSA Peugeot Citroën - Sticker Contest

The Panini Contest
Make a team and be as fast as you can to complete your photo album matching the name with the faces... But hurry up ! You need to finish it before the countdown is over...

  • Photos albums
  • Stickers photos
  • 1 x beamer & projection screen

Belgacom Partners Event 2012

Shoot !
Be a secret agent by striking a pose like James Bond and take your picture back home. Then test your skills as a spy by playing the game and may the best man win !

  • 1 x 'half-monolith' with 2 printers
  • 4 x fake guns
  • 1 x software game
  • 1 x sensor pulse