ING @ Mons Expo 2015

The 'Van Goghise me' experience!

During Mons 2015, visitors could discover the “Van Gogh in Borinage” Exhibition in the European Capital of Culture of 2015.
In that context, ING offered the opportunity to the visitors to have their face immortalized through the Van Gogh artist's manner and style. A tailor-made software allows the magic to spark!

  • 1 x TheModularBooth
  • 1 x Van Gogh effect software
  • Datacollecting and e-mail share

Photo experiences @ Ice Magic Snow & Ice Sculpture Festival (PopKiosk & PopSelfie)

Make a selfie with your favourite ice sculpture and print it directly!

People had two ways to have a nice souvenir of their visit @ Ice Magic Snow :
1) At the expo : a selfie animation allows people to take a selfie in front of any ice sculpture. By simply uploading their selfie on the webapp, they obtained an personal code and could receive their selfie directly on location!
2) At the Ice Slide : a sensor detected people when they were sliding down and took automatically a photo of their best slide!
Both pictures could be found on the sales desk (2 setups) and could be purchased by the participants in the form of 10x15 or 15x20 or a key chain.

  • 1 x Sensor + camera box
  • 1 x Lighting kit + reflectors
  • 5 x Touch screen computers
  • 1 x PopSelfie web app
  • 2 x Printers

Amnesty International 'Devoir de Regard'

Lend me your eyes…
Sign the Amnesty International petition with your eyes... Enter in a photobooth that captures the expression of your eyes.

  • 2 x Photobooth that capture the gaze
  • 1 x software to collect the gazes
  • 1 x software to create the poster with all the gazes
  • 1 x big custom screen to show the result
  • Data collect + live Facebook share

Educational Zone for Job On Wheels @ Autoworld Museum

Test your knowledge...
A permanent installation in the Autoworld Museum for the students to test their knowledge about the automotive world by playing and answering the quiz... All these are connected through barcode cards system that will allow the students to find back their answers (and more) on a web platform. 

  • 6 x Multimedia modules
  • Game software : various quiz games
  • Barcode tracking system
  • A web platform : to e-mail the results to the participants
  • Facebook sharing possibilities
  • Data collect and Online statistic platform access for FEBIAC

Permanent green-key photobooth @ Expo Storms (PopKiosk)

Photo souvenir system
This permanent installation is located in the Belgium Pier during the “Storms” exhibition…  Visitors can make their original picture and buy a 13x18 print at the exit.

  • Client : Belgium Pier
  • Date : 2012 - Permanent installation
  • Place : Belgium Pier, Blankenberge
  • Type : Museums & Exhibitions
  • Green-key photo studio
  • Barcode tracking system
  • Printer at the checkout
  • Photo projection in the entrance hall
  • Green-key software
  • Code print software