Canon @ Imaging Days 2015

A stunning Green-key experience!

With this amazing green-key studio, you get the feeling to be on the top of a skyscraper. You can then share this picture with your friends on Facebook!

  • 1 x Studio from the Sky
  • Tailor-made Green-key studio
  • 1 x Computer for data collect

Dacia @ Brussels Motor Show 2015

GIF me my picture!

During the Brussels Motor Show, Dacia gave the opportunity to the visitors to make their own GIF on their stand!
The participants simply have to get in front of the Modularbooth and take their best poses with one of a varied accessory range. 
Three photos were successively taken, then compressed into a single GIF. 
At the end of the animation, the participants received their GIF by email and the three photos were automatically printed on location as photostrips.  
Finally, their GIF was send to a screen at the back of the Modularbooth and integrated  at a videoloop. 

  • TheModularBooth (Dubbel screen) + Printer
  • Tailor-made accessories
  • GIF Application
  • Printed photostrips
  • Video loop

Mercedes-Benz Vans@ Brussels Motor Show 2015

Yes, we van !

During the Brussels Motor Show, Mercedes-Benz gave the opportunity to the visitors to get immortalized in front of one of their Vans. A mobile-photographer was in charge to do so. Directly after, the participants validated their pictures and gave their consents to be projected on the big screen of the Mercedes-Benz stand. The participants received a webcard which invited them to find their pictures on the Mercedes-Benz Vans Belgium Facebook account. 

  • Mobile-Photographer
  • Samsung NX Smart Camera
  • Embedded application (opt-in)
  • Computer (projection monitoring) 


Suzuki @ Brussels Motor Show 2015

Take the pose !

Visitors could pose amidst the Suzuki Saloon and get their photo directly printed on location, but also instantly share it on their Facebook and Twitter accounts! last but not least they could also receive an e-mail and find their picture on a specific and personal webpage in order to download it!

  • 1 x TheModularBooth + printer
  • Data collect
  • Facebook and Twitter share
  • E-mail share

PopSelfie @ Brussels Motor Show 2015

Our 'PopSelfie Zones' have convinced visitors to try the latest phenomenon in the global selfie craze!

To make the show more attractive to young people, FEBIAC and Eventattitude set up 'PopSelfie Zones' inside the halls of Brussels Expo - a fun, interactive experience which allowed visitors to take a selfie and print it for free.

Thanks to the PopSelfie webapp, visitors could take a selfie in front of personalized backgrounds. They simply have to add a filter, fill in their email address, then they received a code to insert in TheModularBooth in order to have their picture printed on location. Of course, the participants were also invited to directly share their selfie on Facebook.  Supported by Touring, Europcar and bpost, this initiative was particularly well received by the public.

  • 3 x TheModularBooth + Printers
  • 1 x Tailor made set up
  • 3 x Personalized backgrounds
  • 1 x PopSelfie web app