Lotto Selfie Wall @ Palais/Paleis 12 concert & event hall (PopSelfie)

A permanent Selfie Wall!

This selfie wall is personalized prior to every show. Thanks to the PopSelfie webapp, visitors can take a selfie with their smartphone, in front of the wall.  By this, they will receive a code to print their picture for free, on one of the two kiosks.  They will also receive an e-mail with their photo in order to share it on Facebook and Twitter.

  • 2 x TheModularBooth + printers
  • 1 x Tailor made set up
  • 1 x PopSelfie web-app

Win for Life @ Summer Festivals 2014

The Trampo-Win Action
You have to scratch a giant Win for life ticket by jumping on a trampoline ! Accuracy and energy are the key to do it right...

  • 'Main Unit' (Recto/Verso Screen) with e-ID card reader
  • 'Trampo-studio' with directional sensor, inflatable protective system, 46'' screen
  • Game software
  • Printer module + 10x15 printing
  • Data collect
  • Web platform to download pictures

National Lottery - 80th Anniversary

A steppers experience that requires your energy to unveil a birthday cake
A big team challenge linked to the 'let's move' HR thematic of the year at National Lottery…  Staff members had to step as fast as they could to reveal the birthday cake…

  • 2 x 4 steppers
  • Projection on wall
  • Eee-Top-Desk
  • Custom software with visual animation and rankings

The ThankYouWall 2013

The ThankYouWall 2013
Because the less fortunate count on our support during wintertime, the National Lottery decided to give € 1 for every facebook click ! To thank all the generous people who clicked we put the pictures of everyone who showed their support on a giant wall !

  • A big white wall
  • 1 x cherry picker
  • 10 x laptops & printers
  • 3 x fixed camera & 1 mobile camera
  • 1 x software for live broadcasting
  • Printer & Facebook interface software
  • Around 100 volunteers

The ThankYouWall 2012

The ThankYouWall 2012
Go to the 'ThankYouWall' Facebook page, like it and then watch your profile picture printed and displayed in DIRECT on a giant wall... For every like, the National Lottery will provide € 1 for Food Banks. So like it and make part of this big wall of support !

  • a big white wall

  • 1 x cherry picker

  • 10 x laptops

  • 10 x printers

  • 3 x fixed camera & 1 x mobile camera

  • 1 x software for live broadcasting

  • 1 x Facebook interface software

  • 1 x printer interface software

  • Around 100 volunteers