ING @ Mons Expo 2015

The 'Van Goghise me' experience!

During Mons 2015, visitors could discover the “Van Gogh in Borinage” Exhibition in the European Capital of Culture of 2015.
In that context, ING offered the opportunity to the visitors to have their face immortalized through the Van Gogh artist's manner and style. A tailor-made software allows the magic to spark!

  • 1 x TheModularBooth
  • 1 x Van Gogh effect software
  • Datacollecting and e-mail share

ING Business Campaign

Personalize your picture with your own slogan!

ING launched a new campaign for the entrepreneurs but first the company needed to explain it campaign to its staff.
That's why our TheModularBooth was on duty: every staff member could take a picture and write down his personal entrepreneurial message. Each participant received his photo in 15x23 format which has been placed into a mouse pads.

  • 1 x Photo studio+ photographer
  • 1 x TheModularBooth
  • 2 x Printers
  • 1 x Lighting kit
  • Mouse pad

ING @ Summer Festivals 2014

Slow-motion & photoball experiences
To increase the fun we created two custom experiences : the Slow-motion and Photoball.

Crank up your best festival moments thanks to the slow-motion video experience.
Express your happiness, enthusiasm and motivation in front of our camera and share it live with your friends on Facebook !

  • 1 x video camera
  • 1 x Touch-Screen display integrated into the stand
  • 2 x Eee-Top-Desk
  • Live Facebook & e-mail share

The photoball shoots from a unique point of view that no other camera can take pictures from ! Have fun pushing the ball and find your picture back on the web platform of ING. 

  • Custom Photoball
  • 2 x GoPro cameras
  • Web platform to download photo

ING - Red Devils Photoball 2014

Love the Samba and Dance with the Devils
Support the Red Devils during the Football World Cup 2014 watching the matches on a big screen and find back the pictures of the night on a web platform...

  • Client : ING
  • Agency : NewWorld
  • Date : June 2014
  • Events : Love the Samba and Dance with the Devils
  • Type : Sport events
  • Custom Photoball
  • 2 x GoPro cameras
  • Web platform to download photo

ING @ Trends Manager of the year 2013

A nice way to promote an App
During the night of the Trends Manager of the year, ING offers € 10,000 as donation. People will choose between three associations and transfer the money thanks to the new ING Mobile Banking App.

  • 4 x iPads
  • Application software
  • Big screen to show the results