Flair Shooping Day 2010 - Catwalk video experience

Catwalk video experience
Through a green-key experience, get the opportunity to become a catwalk model in a real fashion show. After the show, find back your video clip on a web platform.

Flair Shopping Day 2009 - The 'Borstenflash' Cabine-Booth

The 'Borstenflash' photobooth
A photobooth to rise awareness around the breast cancer… Uncloak your femininity and contribute to the creation of the next Flair cover magazine...

  • 1 x 'Cabine-Booth'
  • Creation with the pictures of a magazine cover

Flair Shooping Day 2009 - The Vespa trip

Vespa trip : A green-key video experience
Climb on the Vespas, choose a background and your favorite song and hit the road ! You can find back your video clip on the flair website.

  • A green-key video studio
  • 2 x Vespas