Permanent photobooth @ Autoworld (PopKiosk)

A souvenir from Autoworld

This permanen photobooth is in a dedicated zone at the entrance and is fully equipped : touch screen kiosk with integrated reflex camera, lighting, green-key background and photo printers.
The visitors of the museum can make their photo but there is also 3 B-to-B packages. Some client that have already used one of the B-to-Be package : Total, EEN Launch Gala Diner, Arval...

  • 1 x Greenkey background
  • 1 x TheModularBooth
  • 1 x Lighting kit
  • Live Facebook and e-mail share

Educational Zone for Job On Wheels @ Autoworld Museum

Test your knowledge...
A permanent installation in the Autoworld Museum for the students to test their knowledge about the automotive world by playing and answering the quiz... All these are connected through barcode cards system that will allow the students to find back their answers (and more) on a web platform. 

  • 6 x Multimedia modules
  • Game software : various quiz games
  • Barcode tracking system
  • A web platform : to e-mail the results to the participants
  • Facebook sharing possibilities
  • Data collect and Online statistic platform access for FEBIAC