Studio Brussel @ Music For Life 2014 (PopSelfie)

Take a selfie with a radio host!

During the annual charitable action organized by Studio Brussels and the Red Cross Belgium, 3 radio hots were locked up for 6 days in a glass house, their temporary workplace.
Next to the glass house, 3 figurines representing the 3 radio hosts were placed. These figurines formed the perfect excuse to take a nice selfie !
Participants were simply taking selfies with their Smartphone. They could add a filter and fulfil their email address. Once they validated their selfie, they received a code. With this code they went to the print station, they entered their code and their selfie was printed directly on location.

  • Client : VRT (Studio Brussel)
  • Agency : /
  • Date : Dec 2014
  • Place : De Schorre
  • Type : Pop-Up spaces
  • 1 x TheModularBooth + printers
  • 1 x PopSelfie web app
  • 3 x figurines
  • Live Facebook and e-mail share