Print Coaster activation for John Martin

Your picture on a beer coaster!

At several external and internal events, John Martin offered personalised coasters to the people present. First, they had to take their picture, then fill in their email address to receive the digital version of the picture. Last step: the picture is printed live on the coaster.

  • Client: John Martin

  • Date: 2018

  • Place: Varies bars in Belgium

ING Business Campaign

Personalize your picture with your own slogan!

ING launched a new campaign for the entrepreneurs but first the company needed to explain it campaign to its staff.
That's why our TheModularBooth was on duty: every staff member could take a picture and write down his personal entrepreneurial message. Each participant received his photo in 15x23 format which has been placed into a mouse pads.

  • 1 x Photo studio+ photographer
  • 1 x TheModularBooth
  • 2 x Printers
  • 1 x Lighting kit
  • Mouse pad

Carrefour's jubilee 2014

A giant mosaic picture in live!

4 photo studio where installed to immortalized each participant to the Carrefour's jubilee. 
2 graphic designers were in charge to crop and adjust the pictures taken in order  to create a mosaic which was projected on a wall during the night but also printed and given as a souvenir to every participant of the jubilee. 

  • 4 x Photo studio simultaneous
  • 4 x Background
  • 2 x Graphic designer
  • 1 x Videographer
  • 13*18 print with cover

Business Kick-Off

Two photo experiences in one night!
People could either be immortalized on our photo studio or in TheBigCamera.
Then, they received their picture printed as a photo-strip. Each picture taken was also automatically projected on a giant wall…

  • 1 x TheBigCamera
  • 1 x Photo studio
  • 2 x Sony Screen
  • 1 x Graphic designer
  • Photo-strip

National Lottery - 80th Anniversary

A steppers experience that requires your energy to unveil a birthday cake
A big team challenge linked to the 'let's move' HR thematic of the year at National Lottery…  Staff members had to step as fast as they could to reveal the birthday cake…

  • 2 x 4 steppers
  • Projection on wall
  • Eee-Top-Desk
  • Custom software with visual animation and rankings