UV awareness campaign - 'Slimmer in de zon/Futé au soleil'

What’s your UV score ?
For its campaign 'Slimmer in de zon/Futé au Soleil', the Foundation against Cancer travels in Belgium with a UV camera that allows everyone to freely assess the damage to the skin causes by UV.  A photo experience to start a conversation around this difficult subject…

  • 1 x photographer with wi-fi camera
  • 1 x UV photo studio
  • 1 x printer
  • 2 x touchscreen for data collect + live Facebook share

Nivea - Face In Hole 2013

Take a beach break ! 
Take your picture in our beach studio, get your print and share it live on facebook !

  • Photographer + Hostesses
  • Face in Hole studio
  • Eee-Top-Desk
  • Live Facebook share

Samsung Galaxy Note studio

Samsung Galaxy Note Studio
Have your portrait drown by a caricaturist… 

  • Professional caricaturist + Samsung Galaxy Note
  • Printer desk + computer
  • Design software
  • Data collect + live Facebook and e-mail share

Zero - A Picture in a giant fridge !

Get a picture in a giant fridge !
Enjoy the taste of Zero's chocolate bars while taking a picture a Giant Fridge ! Get your print and take part in the contest. 

  • Giant fridge
  • Touch-Desk
  • 10x15 printing + photo sleeves
  • Web platform to download pictures
  • Data collect
  • Live Facebook and e-mail share