The Lotto Selfie Wall runs at full speed !

Eventattitude takes stock after a year of operation…

The Lotto Selfie Wall at Palais 12, Brussels (Heysel)

The Lotto Selfie Wall at Palais 12, Brussels (Heysel)

A device from Eventattitude has been placed on November 2014 in Palais 12 for Lotto. After a year of activation, the device has reached cruising speed and we are looking at the results of it.

As a reminder, this Selfie Wall has shown Lotto as the partner of this great concert venue who's becoming month after month more powerful. At each concert, the name of the artist and the date appears on the photo to create the perfect setting for an unforgettable experience.

A web application is available for smartphones and users can upload their shot and access a code to print their photos on the available terminals for free.

This device enables Lotto, next to visibility, to connect with their audience in a relevant brand activation context. Moreover, it allowed the brand to refresh their brand image.

Last year, 40 concerts used this spontaneous selfie device. Among the concerts with the best scores Stromae was number one until Major Lazer broke the record this summer. That night, not less than 900 selfies were printed…

Simultaneously, it increased the brand visibility on social networks. Even if a part only - difficult to quantify – was printed, the majority of selfies were shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.