Eventattitude present on all fronts during the EU Open Days!

As tradition requires, the European institutions organize their open days in Brussels and Strasbourg at the beginning May. A unique occasion for the great public to see these emblematic buildings from the inside and to understand a little bit better the functioning of these different institutions.

For the EU Open days 2015 edition, Eventattitude had made a first stop in Strasbourg before rolling out seven different devices during the Brussels edition…

In the European Commission, visitors were asked to pose in an investigator’s outfit for the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF), whereas DG Research and Innovation proposed to wear a researcher’s apron before posing in a photo cabin especially designed for it. In both cases, participants received a free photo print which they were asked to share on social media…

Four big political parties had also called on Eventattitude to start a conversation with their booth visitors.

Eventattitude had installed a “Selfie Station” for the European People’s Party. Via a dedicated web app, visitors could take several selfies before different settings and print them on one of the terminals.

The European Conservatives and Reformists Group, on the other hand, asked us to develop an educational experience based on their campaign “It’s time to take a new direction”. Via an interactive terminal, visitors had to choose the direction they wanted to take for Europe. Their choice was then translated into a visual animation on a giant screen whereas each participant also received a personalized badge with the chosen slogan on it!      

The European left party had also chosen badges, but with the pictures of the participants printed on it…

As for the European Free Alliance/The Greens, they had appointed Eventattitude for an animation around their campaign “Stop climate change, play your part” in which visitors could take their picture.

In the end, these open days have once again attracted thousands of visitors from all ages and nationalities, out of which 4.754 of them have been able to interact thanks to the installations of Eventattitude.