Eventattitude surfs the wave of individualised marketing with Garnier’s “Bar Doux”

In search of personalisation: a product with your name or your picture on it

In the age of “Big Data”, standardisation and the “mass market” are no longer that popular. Brands have certainly understood that and are looking to create brand engagement any way they can. One of the strategies used is offering consumers the opportunity to personalise a product with their picture or their name.

In a competitive environment in which products tend to become trivial, personalisation offers an excellent opportunity for FMCG brands. In recent months several brands have launched campaigns along these lines, whether it’s Coca Cola’s “Share a Coke with …” initiative or Nutella’s offer to its Facebook fans to personalise the labels on its famous pots.

Eventattitude has sized up the trend and intends to present itself as the benchmark player with its proposal to extend these campaigns with field marketing. Amongst its most recent projects was the campaign it launched in partnership with Pop Media for Garnier’s “Bar Doux” …

An extraordinary photo device installed at Garnier’s “Bar Doux” by Pop Media!

As part of the launch of the new Ultra Doux range “Olive Mythique”, Garnier asked Pop Media to set up a Pop-Up shampoo bar from 1 to 12 April.

Installed on the Meir in Antwerp, this temporary salon was open to everyone. Participants could have their hair done in a relaxed atmosphere while enjoying a smoothie.

Once they had their makeover, everyone could pose for a photo in the booth set up for that purpose and then share their photo on Facebook. Each photo was immediately printed onto a customised label and stuck onto a bottle of “Olive Mythique” Ultra Doux shampoo. In that way participants could leave with a super-personalised bottle of shampoo!

During the 10 days it was open more than 1000 personalised bottles of Ultra Doux were distributed. In addition to the contacts made on-site there is the knock-on effect on social media and the virality generated by content sharing.

Pop Up by Pop Media. Contest & photo experiences by Eventattitude.