Eventattitude unveils its Roller Coaster Experience at the BEA 2015 !

Imagine...  A lovely hostess wearing a vintage uniform greets you and invites you to embark on the blue wagon of the Roller Coaster: "Will you dare to jump on the crazy roller coaster ride?" You are instantly immersed in the festive and magic atmosphere of the fun fair... Once comfortably settled, you are guided by the instructions of the operator while being photographed: "Hold on tight.  Now... hands up!"

Feeling good at the end of the ride, you receive your printed photo and a video clip sent by e-mail a few minutes later...  The result?  Surprising, funny, mind-blowing!

This photo and video experience is now available for events, fairs or brand activation campaigns.  Please browse our ready-to-use section to find more pictures and the technical details (PDF file).