A new team at the head of Eventattitude!

The 'conversation starters' are celebrating their 15th anniversary this year...

While Eventattitude has just wrapped up an Auto Salon beating all records - 10 experiential devices installed for the Febiac and for clients like Citroen, Fiat, Hyundai, Peugeot or Volkswagen - Raphaël de Borman is preparing to hand over the keys to his associates: his brother Gaëtan, Emmanuel Paul and Sören Vandewalle who benefits from his departure to step in as associate.

Established in 2001, Eventattitude has made its mark quickly in the domain of event communication and brand-activation operations.  This company, located in the Brussels region, has acquired a rare expertise over the course of the years in designing and developing all types of interactive devices - be it photo, video, or game.  Their team - 30 people under the same roof - includes project managers, software developers and an industrial designer.  From Tomorrowland to Plaisirs d'Hiver or the Batibouw trade fair, there are more than 1.500 operations per year in Belgium and neighbouring countries.

“In recent years, Eventattitude has been developed to achieve a cruising speed of around €3 - €4 million annual TO.  But the 2015 financial year was the opportunity for us to restructure the company in depth.  Now that this work has been completed and is bearing fruit, the timing was perfect hand over to my associates” explains Raphaël de Borman.

“The team now in place is stronger than ever.  We have been working for several months on this transition, with my associates and the management.  After many years of combining the roles of Managing Director, Creative Director and Account Director at Eventattitude, I want to take time out to cultivate my curiosity in some areas such as user-generated-content for example.  For the next rounds of my carreer, I allow myself to consider all options.”

The transfer of responsibility will take place over the course of the work for the final few weeks and will conclude at the end of March.  Emmanuel Paul will wear the hat of Managing Director.

“We intend to fittingly celebrate our 15th anniversary this year.  The start of the year is encouraging with the arrival of new clients and the implementation of large-scale projects - including for the Parlementarium in Berlin or the Bourgogne des Flandres Museum in Bruges” concludes Emmanuel Paul. 

Eventattitude welcomes you to the Brussels Motor Show 2016 !

Our teams will be happy to meet you on the following stands : Citroën, Fiat, Hyundai, Job On Wheels Peugeot, Sport/Voetbal Magazine, Start 2 Ride, VAB and Volkswagen !

Don't miss the Super Selfie Experience in Hall 5 either.  You'll be given the opportunity to have your picture taken from a camera placed 120 meters away...

Download the map to plan your visit !

The Lotto Selfie Wall runs at full speed !

Eventattitude takes stock after a year of operation…

The Lotto Selfie Wall at Palais 12, Brussels (Heysel)

The Lotto Selfie Wall at Palais 12, Brussels (Heysel)

A device from Eventattitude has been placed on November 2014 in Palais 12 for Lotto. After a year of activation, the device has reached cruising speed and we are looking at the results of it.

As a reminder, this Selfie Wall has shown Lotto as the partner of this great concert venue who's becoming month after month more powerful. At each concert, the name of the artist and the date appears on the photo to create the perfect setting for an unforgettable experience.

A web application is available for smartphones and users can upload their shot and access a code to print their photos on the available terminals for free.

This device enables Lotto, next to visibility, to connect with their audience in a relevant brand activation context. Moreover, it allowed the brand to refresh their brand image.

Last year, 40 concerts used this spontaneous selfie device. Among the concerts with the best scores Stromae was number one until Major Lazer broke the record this summer. That night, not less than 900 selfies were printed…

Simultaneously, it increased the brand visibility on social networks. Even if a part only - difficult to quantify – was printed, the majority of selfies were shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The Singing Shower by Radio Contact!

Eventattitude has developed the «Singing Shower» for Radio Contact.  Based on the concept imagined by the agency 20something, Eventattitude has worked closely with Choup’s Events to develop this mobile shower which only works when a user sings.  The better he sings, the hotter the water is!  And, in return, if he sings out of tune, he gets a cold shower…  This funny device is destined for festivals where comfort and hygiene are not always at its best, as is widely known.

Eventattitude exports to Italy!

Mazda Cinema Hall @ Festa del Cinema di Roma

Eventattitude was present at the request of MAC21 during the 10th edition of the Roman film festival with an amazing bullet-time photo experience for Mazda.

After a first successful collaboration with Mazda during Tomorrowland last summer, Eventattitude and MAC21 joined forces again for this huge installation of more than 8m diameter.

During the festival, which took place between October 16th and October 24th, visitors could take their picture in a movie scenery by 64 cameras simultaneously. The final result was an outstanding 360° image of oneself with the new Mazda MX-5 in the centre. The video was immediately available on a screen and could also be mailed and shared on site.

Original poses with nice jumps were the final result of this successful collaboration which people enjoyed to share online!

Arrivederci Roma!

Eventattitude, partner of The Belgian Sponsorship Awards !

The Belgian Sponsorship Awards is an initiative of the Belgian sponsorship community and is designed to annually recognise some of the industry’s best practices and highlight its inspiring best cases.  The Awards are open to any brand that is active in sponsorship and wishes to submit a case... 

The Awards winners will be announced at the gala dinner to be held at Hotel Le Plazza in Brussels on 14th January 2016.

Eventattitude launches the festival season with Rock Werchter…

Summer time equals festival time! This Belgian speciality is the privileged playground for many brands during the summer season…Last weekend, Rock Werchter opened its doors to more than 300.000 festival-goers during 4 days.

Eventattitude was present with the agency NewWorld (Aegis Media) and client Spadel. On the Spa booth, participants could make a spectacular trampoline jump at the foot of a waterfall. Their performance was immortalized by a printed picture they were invited to share on social media…

Fast Forward Events had also asked Eventattitude to install a photobooth on the stand of client Ray-Ban, whom had chosen to highlight their #campaignforchange in a spectacular way…Indeed, the team proposed festival-goers to dye their hair in a flashy colour before taking a picture and sharing the change advocated by the famous sunglasses brand.  

On a nearby booth, designed by Butik Agency for Lipton Ice Tea, people could be part of an unusual photo shooting, as 14 cameras were activated simultaneously. Afterwards, festival-goers could discover a video animation on their Facebook profile, based on the “bullet-time” technique popularized a few years ago with the Matrix movie…

At last, Eventattitude was also present on the Peugeot booth, managed by Havas Experience Brussels, but also via organizer Live Nation as the VIP space and Artists Village were also equipped with a photobooth…

Eventattitude present on all fronts during the EU Open Days!

As tradition requires, the European institutions organize their open days in Brussels and Strasbourg at the beginning May. A unique occasion for the great public to see these emblematic buildings from the inside and to understand a little bit better the functioning of these different institutions.

For the EU Open days 2015 edition, Eventattitude had made a first stop in Strasbourg before rolling out seven different devices during the Brussels edition…

In the European Commission, visitors were asked to pose in an investigator’s outfit for the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF), whereas DG Research and Innovation proposed to wear a researcher’s apron before posing in a photo cabin especially designed for it. In both cases, participants received a free photo print which they were asked to share on social media…

Four big political parties had also called on Eventattitude to start a conversation with their booth visitors.

Eventattitude had installed a “Selfie Station” for the European People’s Party. Via a dedicated web app, visitors could take several selfies before different settings and print them on one of the terminals.

The European Conservatives and Reformists Group, on the other hand, asked us to develop an educational experience based on their campaign “It’s time to take a new direction”. Via an interactive terminal, visitors had to choose the direction they wanted to take for Europe. Their choice was then translated into a visual animation on a giant screen whereas each participant also received a personalized badge with the chosen slogan on it!      

The European left party had also chosen badges, but with the pictures of the participants printed on it…

As for the European Free Alliance/The Greens, they had appointed Eventattitude for an animation around their campaign “Stop climate change, play your part” in which visitors could take their picture.

In the end, these open days have once again attracted thousands of visitors from all ages and nationalities, out of which 4.754 of them have been able to interact thanks to the installations of Eventattitude.

Eventattitude and Ogilvy join forces to set Razan free!

Despite the efforts of many organisations demanding her immediate release, the Syrian lawyer Razan Zaitouneh remains in captivity. She was abducted on December 9th 2013 together with three other people, among which her husband. This human rights activist was awarded the European Parliament’s Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought in 2011

Under these circumstances, the European Parliament has started a #Free Razan support campaign from April 24th until May 17th 2015 in order to call for the release of Razan Zaitouneh and her three companions.

On Ogilvy’s request, Eventattitude has installed an interactive device in the entrance of the Parliamentarium in order to encourage visitors to be part of this campaign.

Like many other leading figures who have contributed to this campaign, each visitor of the Parliamentarium was invited to express his support and take a picture with a #Free Razan sign. This has been made possible thanks to an automatic terminal that has been installed on site. The terminal processed the picture of the participant that was later on integrated into a photomontage with a background representing all people whom had taken a picture before. Each support picture represents the visitor next to strangers, but with one similarity: they support the same cause.

Afterwards, participants were invited to share their pictures on social media platforms. The pictures were also shown on several screens in the visitors’ central hall of the European Parliament in Brussels.

Eventattitude, partner of Retrorama and the Flashback Festival!

From May 28th until May 31st, Retrorama will be adding flavour to your vintage experience with a complete music festival! The Flashback festival will take place on the esplanade in front of Hall 5.  The line-up includes legendary live artists and groups as well as a great selection of the best vintage and tribute artists.

As for Retrorama Village, it’s a unique opportunity to go back in time and relive the glorious 30’s, swinging sixties, sexy disco seventies or pop eighties during a whole weekend exclusively devoted to vintage. Come and enjoy an overview of half a century of trends ranging from music and look, to graphic design and advertising…

Eventattitude is thrilled to be the partner of this event. Our photo and video teams will be going back and forth in the Heysel palaces whereas everybody will be able to take part in our Roller Coaster experience and go home with a printed photo and a truly hair-rising video!